THANK YOU CASSIE - primitive & proper tip

I'd like to thank
for her generous experience she has chose to share on my


Stop by and check out her tip here.
I'd also like to take this oppurtunity
to thank Cassie for featuring my
frightening to french shelf project.
For the full post go here:
French Bookshelf project.

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HOW TO BUILD NEW FURNITURE from old furniture

I've compiled some photos of many of the
reclaimed wood bits and furniture parts that
I used to build this fancy cabinet. Many of
these things are common finds on the road
side, used building supply stores, and many
thrifts stores.

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I'd like to offer my tips page to you!

Earlier this week a friend sent an email
giving me her distressing tip,
and it has me thinking I would like to gather
all the learned knowledge of you wonderful
woman in one place.
 I would love anyone that works with furniture and
 has a valuable tip that wants to contribute, plz
 send a simple email with photo and brief
description. Including tips,

Such as the helpful benefits of wearing rubber boots
when staining the floor with clamato juice.
Or the need for an extra body holding a support in place. 

This can also includes tips for cleaning,
distressing and antiquing, sanding,
helpful products and favorite tools,
any *simple* thing you find helpful when you
are working and want to share with others.

I've even considered telling you I wear the same
color socks as my paint color of the day so when
it drips on the floor I can quickly wipe it up with
 my foot. (Secrets Out Now)
Plz check out my tips page to see the current layout,
and see if it is something you would like to
contribute to:
Each submission I add to my tips page will have a
 #, a title, 1-2 photos, a brief write up, a contents
 listing, and a valuable link back to your place
with your smile.

If interested in sharing plz email me directly at

Hopefully we can all benefit from this information
being shared in one place.

Who's gonna be next?
Share your thoughts and ideas!

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FRIGHTENING TO FRENCH - french book shelf

This shelf project of mine
started with an inspiration
piece built by my friend
Catherine. First let me share
with you how I built it then I
will show you the inspiration.

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I'VE BEEN HONOURED - copy me challenge finalist


Please stop by
 place and congratulate the other finalists.

Copy Me Challenge

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TWINS - pair of black night stands

These little fellows stand tall but don't
take up too much space at just 17.5" wide.

Below left you can see before the top surface trim was added.

Do you have matching night tables?

Or do you have a unique mismatched pair?

I've joined the gathering at:

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FINISHING TOUCHES - black bed tables

After 2 weeks of a chaotic outta town,
13 hr graveyard shift, fly by the seat of
your pants contracting job I have made
it home to finalize these little beauties.

Still a bit more work to be done,
but they will be ready soon.

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DON'T LIMIT YOURSELF - filling tutorial

I've read in the past some ppl don't change hardware during their painting
revamps because they don't know how to get a clean smooth finish for their paint.
No more excuses, simply start by filling your holes.
 Make sure it goes deep inside and mounts up on the outside.
Your creating a plug or a base to do the fine filling.
 After 30 minutes cut the tops off.
We'll see little air pockets in the hardend filler.

 Now refill.

Push your finger gentley into the filler and spread it out as seen above right.
Do not push your finger thru to the surface.
You're only trying to fill the little air bubble created by the first filling.

 After 30 minutes sand 150 grit. Always sand too much, it is easier to add more then to take away
once you have started painting.

 Do it again.
Fill, spread, wait, sand.

The actual work takes no time. Just the drying time. 

 Here you can see how it has filled in all the imperfections around the hole created by
the neck of the knob bitting into the wood.

 Another trick is to prime or paint after the first or second filling.
This offers you a greater visual as to how much more filling might be needed.
You can fill, spread, and sand after priming or painting with ASCP.

The key is to be patient and re-apply the filler as needed.

Is this tutorial going to be helpful to you?
Have you been successful at filling hardware holes?
Have you not been so successful?

I've offered this tutorial at:

DIY Club

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