CHRISTMAS VILLAGES and DISPLAYS - cloches, mantles, and more

I use to have a large village with a 
bridge, street lights and tons of little
bottle brush trees. I also had lots of
little people to walk the streets and
fence lines in my village. It is great
when children get to enjoy Christmas
villages so a few years ago I past
everything on to my nephews to
enjoy. They even got the train.

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I have an old metal and wood sled I display
on the porch each winter. The wood has been
getting pretty weathered and I have seen some
really pretty sleighs on Pinterest painted white
so I gave mine an update with some Annie
Sloan Chalk Paint.

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I mentioned last week that I have been decorating my mother's
home as well as my own. This is a peek into how her home
is shining and waiting for all of us to arrive for our big family
dinner. Please enjoy these photos ....

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CHRISTMAS DECOR 2014 - decorating the bedroom

Our Christmas bed this year definitely has a starry night
feeling to it, which for the
holidays is a lot of fun. 

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CHRISTMAS DECOR 2014 - decorating with burlap

This is day two of the Christmas
décor for 2014 and it's all about
our Christmas tree. I hope you
enjoy looking around our cozy
home for the holidays.

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CHRISTMAS DECOR 2014 - decorating around your tv

This year I'm decorating two homes,
mine and my mothers. Mother is very traditional and I'm not, so it gets confusing when I go from one home
to the other. 

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20 FURNITURE APPLIQUES that will keep you inspired


Appliques and wood decorations are a fun and clever way to
add ornate design to a furniture or cabinet project. I've used
appliques to hide old screw holes and damage to the wood on
a few projects. They can change the shape of furniture and
even change the era it may seem to belong to. Wood
appliques can usually just be glued into place but when you
get creative and start thinking outside of the box you will
need something stronger to mount cast iron ornaments like
on this blue dresser (#1)

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Black paint finishes are tricky and hard to make look
right, and I don't work with Annie Sloan's Graphite
paint all that often but when I do I have a tried and
tested method to get that great finish that I want.
I have finished two short videos to share with you
of me using dark wax on AS Graphite paint and
using fine steel wool to apply it. 

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SANTA'S MAGIC KEY - christmas tutorial

The Christmas season has arrived and we started by
making a special little gift to send to George's
Grand-daughters, Santa's Magic Key. When I was
their age my house had a small chimney that went
into a wood stove and I worried Santa would not be
able to deliver our presents. When Santa has a magic
key waiting for him he has no trouble getting into
homes that do not have a fireplace. One Christmas
I even slept on the floor of the bathroom so I could
see when he might come through our front door.
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MISFIT HANDLES - shabby chic chest of drawers

One of the many repurposing projects I have
undertaken is finding new ways to use vintage
hardware. Whether I find one lonely handle or
12 ugly ones I collect them until some great
sets can be created. I started using the word
"MISIFT" to describe the unique collection
of hardware when I was listing them in my
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PHARMACY CABINET - shabby chic build with an old window

I like building things with wood. I keep a lot of wood
bits stored for when I want to build something. I find
building furniture very rewarding, and building furniture
using old windows from the past gets me more than
excited. This tall Pharmacy Cabinet was made with
several different vintage pieces.

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This is a quick video I took of how I clean
my wax brushes. I did struggled with an
effective and easy way to get my brushes
clean until I tried this.
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I had a fun photo shoot with a vintage reclaimed
cabinet that I rebuilt. I used several vintage suit
cases, a large reed basket, some old pop crates,
an old window and my new canvas tote bag. I
love the look and feel of the piece.

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EARTHY GREEN RECIPE - annie sloan chalk paint

I mix a nice Earthy Green color to paint
on George's candles when he request it.
Many have asked for the recipe and I
really had never nailed down how I
made it until now. #earthygreenrecipe
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2 MINUTE WAXING VIDEO - how I use clear wax


I have put together a 2 minute waxing video for anyone
who wants to understand how I wax my ASCP furniture
projects and get a silky smooth finish. The cabinet in the
videos is a single nightstand that was painted in Annie
Sloan Chalk Paint. The edges were sanded before the
waxing started. 
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DISTRESSING & CHANGING - shabby chic sidetables

Autumn is here on the west coast and the winds have
also arrived starting to change how everything looks.
All the leaves are wonderful colors and the winds are
taking them from the trees. A lot of different things are
changing around me including my mother. She has
learned her life style needs to change. She had a small
stroke Christmas eve last year and this fall was for her
to relax and recover from heart surgery. Everything was
going really well until ...  

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This nightstand started out as a home made little box made
completely of quarter inch plywood. I really like working
with plywood because it is super strong and can be worked
with the same way solid woods can be. Plywood in most cases
is even stronger than solid wood. Plywood is a sheet material
manufactured from thin layers or "plies" of wood veneer that
are glued together with adjacent layers having their wood
grain rotated up to 90 degrees to one another.
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RAISED OVER $3700.00 - chairs for charity 2014

Chairs for Charity this year was another great success
with $3575 being raised at the evening event and an
additional $200 coming in later. This money will go
along way to buying toys for the many children the
Langley Christmas Bureau look after.

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CLOCK CABINET - my charity donation


The Passionate Home's Chairs for Charity Auction is underway
and all the donations are now on display at Frosting. All the silent
auction items are now open for bidding so stop by and see what
you want to place a bid on. I posted a lot of the pictures yesterday,
and saved my donation to share with you today.

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CHARITY EVENT - 2014 chairs for charity and more


We set up all the amazing donations for this year's Chairs for
Charity today at Frostings. Silent auction for half of the items
starts tomorrow and the live auction for the top items happens
Thursday night. Frostings cupcakery is located at the west end
of Langley's one way in down town. This charity event is a
fundraiser for our local Christmas bureau. This year it's not just
chairs, meaning there is all sorts of items donated and I have all
the photos to show you, except mine. That will come tomorrow.

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This is a peak at one of two beautiful nightstands I
salvaged once a mid-century waterfall vanity was ripped
into two. If you have thought about trying this yourself I'm
here to let you know you can do it but it takes a bit of work
and you need some patience to figure out how the vanity was
originally built.

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This year's annual Chairs for Charity is coming up soon.
This charity event is a fundraiser for our local Christmas
bureau where artists, bloggers, shop owners, and the like
use their skills to create something in the home décor
department that represents their passion and donates the
item to be auctioned off at a fun evening event right in
the down town of Langley.

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I use all sorts of legs when I'm building and redesigning
furniture but did you realize sometimes I even repurpose
legs from dining chairs. I like adding short legs to nightstands
and other pieces of furniture usually because they only need
a small lift, but when I want to lift something much higher I
look to the legs on dining chairs. Not all dining chairs have
reusable legs but those that can be used look great
when reworked into my style of furniture.
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STENCIL SIGN CLASS - sign up for this Monday

It's that time again!

My next stencil sign making class is this coming Monday
October 6th. The class runs from 1pm to 4pm at
The Passionate Home in Langley.

Call 604 532 5931 right away to book your spot.

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This AFTER picture is a project I recently undertook
for added privacy while covering a window and it's my
current view when watching TV. I also used a pair of
lighted wall sconces to replace some of the lost light
from the window.

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CURVED GLASS CABINET - chartreuse paint

With every internet search I could think of and all my years
of loving vintage furniture I have never come across such a
unique piece as this one. And to think it has made it through
the years without either curved glass panel in the doors
getting broken or even showing a chip. To helped this cabinet
stand out from the rest I pick an extra special color.

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VINTAGE KEY HANGERS - combining wood with white

I find something very appealing about natural
worn wood working next to a fresh white
palette. The old pieces of wood I use for
projects like this are from vintage furniture
that have gone past the point of saving in
there original form. The wood used behind
this painted tree & house key hanger was
the side of a deep filing drawer in a turn of
the century desk almost a half inch thick.
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I wasn't looking to buy any furniture the day
this dresser crossed my path. The lady who
owned it had bought it as a refinishing project
and was told the side panel that was split and
separated was an easy fix. I felt compelled to
save it and the owner, as this is NOT A
SIMPLE FIX for the average refinishing
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NO WAX CHALK PAINT PROJECT CABINET and some shabby chic switch plate covers

I'm happy to finally share with you my
beautiful white storage cabinet that sits
in the corner of my kitchen. It was a
found pieces sitting on the side of the
road. I fixed it up and painted it with
Annie Sloan Pure White Chalk Paint
almost two years ago. I never waxed
the paint and the finish is doing
incredibly well two years later.

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This little desk made it into a pile of
furniture I had given up on. It had been
photographed in it's uncared for and
ugly state and advertised as a give
away on my Facebook page.

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OMBRE DRESSER - tips, tricks, and graduation

Have you wanted to paint an Ombre dresser?
Have you ever asked why it's called Ombre?
Ombre in French translates to *shadow or
shade* ... so that explains a little.  
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STENCILLED SIGNS - ideas, colors, and textures

My last sign class brought
together a fun group of ladies
that had a blast creating
all sorts of different signs with
all the stencils available to us at
The Passionate Home.
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SIGN MAKING CLASS - sign up for this sunday

The Passionate Home has over 90 different stencils to
choose from, over 30 different paint colors to play with.
This Sunday afternoon is my next sign making class so stop
watching those kitchen reno shows where they tear out the
cabinet doors and send them to the landfill. Come join me
and the other ladies at The Passionate Home to save some of
those doors and make them into a special sign for your home
or maybe the perfect gift for a friends home! We supply
everything you will need, vintage hardware to accent your
masterpiece, a good selection of different shapes and
sized doors, and lots of imagination.
Give the store a call 604 532 5931 right away to sign up.
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Q&A - spray painting, upholstery, and sandpaper


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SPRING FLING II - annie sloan florence chalk paint

Once upon a time I painted a dresser
light turquoise, white, & green,
and named it the SPRING FLING
dresser. The color combination was
extremely popular and I was challenged
to recreate another dresser with a
complimentary look.
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I had 4 wood chairs that were plain wood with no color or stain. I wanted to paint them and end up with white distressed paint over a dark color and I wanted to do it quickly. This is how I did it in one day.

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SALVAGE YARDS - inspiration

It's time to look up your local salvage yards
and think about taking a stroll one weekend
afternoon and see what you can find. Maybe
a load of bricks for a garden walkway, a
vintage washing machine to plant some
flowers in, a fancy architectural window for
that blank wall space in the living room, or
maybe you will fall in love with an antique
lighting pieces and a whole room makeover
might start.
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STENCILED SIGNS - inspiration

I have been teaching a hand painted stencil
sign class at The Passionate Home using old
kitchen cabinet doors. Here is a look at seven
signs that I have help the students to create.
Included is a Paris apartment sign in grey and
a Paris bed & breakfast in yellow. We made
a red Patisserie and a white Patisserie sign with
an added touch of a ladle to hold a candle when
the power goes out. The 2 beach signs were a
lot of fun and we also did a kitchen chalkboard
tray from a large cabinet door.
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This is a look into a salvage yard I often visit.
Everything from bricks to radiators, grills and
gates, with a look at some amazing old beams
that were removed from a 100 year old
building. The price tag on the iron work gate
I loved the most was $200, I'm still sad I did
not get it.

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I was given the challenge to create a vertical message center with a magnetic chalk board and this is what I created with
the help of a broken mirror.
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When I need to ship something
in a box I prefer to recycle an
old box but then I have to use
brown paper to cover all the
labels on the box. This doesn't
seem like a very green
alternative. I've learned I can
turn most boxes inside out.
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Last time I spoke with you I was installing
legs on a new project in the yard. Here is
a photo from behind to show those fancy
legs installed.
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Here is another piece of furniture in my yard getting a make-over. This is a smallish 70's side board cabinet that I'm installing some old coffee table legs on.
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The next stage in refurbishing this tall 70's
shelf was to add a little character on the
bottom. Yes I'm going to add feet ... again!

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I have pulled several furniture pieces out into
the yard to work on all at the same time,
including this tall 70's book shelf. Greedy
I know but the weather is sooo nice!
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PAINTING A METAL TRUNK with annie sloan chalk paint

Wondering what to do with that
rusty old metal trunk you can't
seem to let go of? I painted mine
with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.
Come see if yours is as rough
as mine.

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GREEK BLUE and COLOR LAYERS - blue bedside cabinet

With the summer weather being so
nice the bug has hit me to start a
million different projects and not
finish any of them. The rest of the
year I'm quite focused and I don't
start one thing with out the last
being wrapped up and ready to go.
Well I am pleased to let you know
one has been finished and it's cute
as a button.

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CANADA DAY - red projects

In honour of our Canada Day Celebrations I wanted to share some of my RED projects with you.

A link to see this red dress (left) here:

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PROJECT INSPIRATION - before and afters

 This post is a little inspiration for your weekend projects with some local news at the bottom.


If you're too busy this weekend to get to your projects you can always bring your inspiration and
 join me making sign at The Passionate Home in LANGLEY this coming Wednesday July 2

I am teaching a sign making class with stencils from 1 to 4pm. 
 For more details & sign up click this link below or call the store directly 604-532-5931 .....

Hope to see you there!!


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