Annie Sloan Chalk paint is perfect for
creating distressed and layered finishes
so I used it when I wanted to create a
layered color effect on a thrift
store jewelry box.


I started with an old men's accessory caddy from the thrift store.
I took the box outdoors and sprayed it with an oil based ivory colored paint.
Once it was dry I used sandpaper to distress the edges.


Over the Ivory color I created three levels of turquoise blue like an ombre effect.
Here you can see the different shades I ended up with.

I using Annie Sloan PURE WHITE and adding FLORENCE in small amounts for each shade.
Florence is a very strong color so a little goes a long way.
1st mix was a light blue,
2nd was a light turquoise,
3rd mix was a medium turquoise
I let each layer dry completely before applying the next.

To achieve the different levels of paint color I used a damp kitchen sponge.
ASCP can be distressed with water and it is best to do before you wax.

I did change the drawer pulls and lining the drawers is always an option.



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